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Photos of my work.

Here is a detail shot on a forge folded blade that had a very unusual habuchi and yakiba. Interesting how it came out. I didn't take a lot of photos of his piece. It was mouted with a very different style of mounts commissioned by the customer.

Menuki and tsuba by Murad Sayen.

Fuchi kashira by Patrick Hastings.

Polish and mounting by Keith Larman, Summerchild Polishing.

Blade is forge folded "high layer" blade by Howard Clark, Shobu Zukuri.

Tsukamaki by Jesse Pelayo, LegacySwords.com.

Notice how the tsuka curves and follows the blade shape.
And how the tsuka matches up with the saya.
Nothing offset, everything fit to each other.


Glamour shot showing the overall blade in sunlight.

Straight on to show lines, angles, etc.

Shot to show how the fuchi, tsuba, and the saya all match up in alignment.
That's one aspect often overlooked. In a well done custom sword everything
should match up and align properly. The seppa were created by hand to radius
from each part to the next.

This shows how the seppa aligns with the micarta koiguchi and saya.
I left the micarta koiguchi more textured to reflect the texture of the fuchi on the other side.


The folding pattern and how the hamon interacts.

The tsuka has a smaller kashira so the tapering didn't flare out much to the kashira.
But overall I'm happy with the shaping. It works with the blade shape in an interesting way.


I don't know about you, but I'd hate to see that tip coming towards me...
And there is activity in this blade I can't even name...

The shakudo and gold menuki. Northwest theme again.


A look at the back of the tsuba, the habaki (by Howard Clark), the seppa, and
the polish and lines at the habaki.



And finally a good look at the tsuba. Notice the "eye" is a mineral.

That's all folks.


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