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I normally notify people on my waiting list first about all upcoming pieces as soon as they are added to my website. This is done so people don't have to check my website frequently in order to catch something when it comes available.

If you'd like to subscribe to my list just enter the e-mail address you'd like to use in the small little form below and hit submit. You will be sent to my system's confirmation page so you can be sure its correct. If it doesn't work for some reason, just e-mail me at keith@summerchild.com with the address you'd like to use and I'll add you manually. Thanks!

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Available Now!

Folded 1086 Katana by Howard Clark fully mounted with Top Quality Patrick Hastings fittings.

$10,895 USD Available

Fully polished L6 katana by Howard Clark. Unokubi Zukuri in Shirasaya with options for immediate mounting..

$6,795 USD (with options) Available

L6 Tanto in full polish, Aikuchi mounts, gold shishi menuki.

Available on Consignment: $4900.00 USD

San Mai Tanto by Howard Clark. Polish, Shirasaya and Habaki through Summerchild, Solid Shakudo fittings by Howard Clark, High end Aikuchi Mount by Ted Tenold of Legacy Swords.

AVAILABLE. $4,900.00 USD





Katana, wakizashi and tanto, all in L6 steel by Mastersmith Howard Clark of MVForge. Iron fittings by Patrick Hastings of Tagane Arts. Solid Shakudo with gold inlay menuki by Patrick Hastings of Tagane Arts. Polish and mount with unique gold foiled artwork in each saya.

$24,000 SOLD



Lower Cost Swords...

I also design swords for Bugei Trading Company. I have recently redone the design for the Lion Dog (shishi) Koshirae and the all new "Peace" sword. Both are what I consider to be excellent production level swords and I hand inspect each and every sword in Bugei's Exclusive line prior to shipment to the customers. I happily recommend their swords for that level of cost.


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I frequently have non-custom items and various other knick-knacks (fittings, etc.) for sale on ebay. Click here or on my ebay icon for a list of current auctions.


If you'd like to contact me, I can be contacted via e-mail at keith@summerchild.com.

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