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A Very Special Set of 3 Matching L6 blades, fully polished and mounted by Keith Larman

All matching fittings by Patrick Hastings of Taganearts.com

On Consignment: Inquire on price.

This is a *very* special set of swords. All three are L6 katana by Mastersmith Howard Clark of MVForge. The owner managed to acquire a full length katana, wakizashi and a very robust hira zukuri tanto made by Howard. He decided he wanted to do a full matching set. So I contacted Patrick Hastings of Tagane Arts and we came up with some fittings that we felt would compliment the pieces.

The fuchi, kashira, tsuba, and kojiri are all made of iron. Each has intricate carvings by Patrick of the classical Mitsudomoe motif with vining.

The menuki were made by Patrick from solid, rich shakudo then inlayed with gold to create the mitsudomoe. Very difficult, intricate work. He did a marvelous job. The menuki on the katana and wakizashi have a lengthwise "post" while the menuki on the tanto are so-called "button" type. But they all match.

The habaki are all matching with a rain pattern and a matched heavy 24k gold plating. The seppa were hand cut from copper and fit to each sword's unique handmade and sized fittings. Each one was itself heavily plated in 24k gold to match.

The saya were done in a deep, rich red to compliment the russett tones of the expertly patinated fittings. Each saya contains a unique bit of artwork duplicating the mitsudomoe theme with vining. Each bit of vining varies according to the saya length and size. The artwork was meticulously created in gold leaf and applied to the saya then carefully coated with a clear coat to protect them.

This photo was taken outside in direct sunlight to show the "texture" of the gold leafing. It is truly a lovely material albeit extremely difficult to apply. The bright light of the direct afternoon sun makes the red look "brighter" than it is under normal light. It is more subdued under most conditions than it looks below.

What is there to say about the blades? All three are expertly crafted L6 katana by Howard Clark of MVForge. All three are the toughest things you could possibly find. All of them showed something I'm seeing more often in Howard's work, a very interesting utsuri like effect in the ji. The "mistiness" is becoming a distinctive feature of his later work and is evident to varying degrees in each piece.

The katana and wakizashi were expertly wrapped by Jesse Pelayo in black silk. The tanto tsuka was lacquered black. All three featured matching full wrap samekawa with exposed seams on the ura. I antiqued and polished the nodes on the katana and wakizashi rayskins prior to wrapping.

This project took a couple years to complete. Between gathering the blades, Patrick finishing the intricate fittings, and me staying healthy enough to finish all three pieces was a long, difficult process. The entire process of doing the fine foiling turned out to also be a major issue -- the fine tendrils were extremely difficult to get right. This is not a forgiving media.

The entire set is available on consignment. The set is brand new, unused and available for immediate shipment.

On Consignment: Inquire about price

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