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Howard Clark L6 Tanto Fully polished and mounted

$4,900.00 USD. On Consignment

This piece recently came back to me as its owner needs to raise some money (don't we all?).

This was the first Aikuchi mount I ever built. It was a fun experience for me as I did some things to mix the modern with the traditional. Traditionally aikuchi like this were done with water buffalo horn parts. My experience with horn, however, has never been overly positive. Horn has a grain that likes to split under pressure. It is a remarkable material, but it has its weaknesses. So on this piece I looked into both micarta and delrin. I *think* I used micarta for the critical "fuchi" and "koiguchi" portions as well as the kashira. I liked the material better since I knew I was going to be lacquering everything anyway. Micarta and delrin are dramatically stronger than horn. And with a coating of black lacquer you really can't tell the difference. Notice the tsuno ("obi-hook") and kurigata -- both of those are horn. You can't tell the difference. Which was the idea -- to see how well it all worked.

You can see the subtle gold flake sprinkled into the high gloss black lacquer. Under a stronger light the gold sparkles even more. Under "normal" light the gold isn't visible. I liked the effect a lot. That was a first for me too.

The blade is a Howard Clark L6 hira zukuri tanto, about 10" long (very much a "standard" length and shape).

The habaki was a bit different -- solid work hardened sterling silver with a pattern. If the buyer requests I can also heavily gold plate the habaki prior to shipment to match the menuki at no additional charge.

A single delrin mekugi holds it all in place. It is still as tight as the day I first put it all together. The blade has never been used. The tsuka is wrapped in a full wrap samekawa and lacquered black. This is a strong, durable handle.

It comes in a lovely high quality sword bag (see above) along with an absolutely wonderful silk takoashi (octopus legs) sageo. I was very happy with this piece when I first did it all those years ago. It was nice to see it again looking exactly as it did back then.


$4900.00 USD. On Consignment

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