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Howard Clark L6 Katana -- 28-3/8" Nagasa -- Fully polished and mounted

$9,950.00 USD. On Consignment

I originally did this sword a number of years ago. It is hard to believe how much time has gone by. The sword is a lovely L6 katana by Howard Clark, shinogi zukuri, graceful koshi sori, 28 -3/8" of nagasa. It is superbly balanced. It was originally polished and mounted for an iai practitioner. The polish shows a little surface scuffing, etc., but it is frankly in very good shape. I will offer to redo the finish for a small fee if the buyer would like it in a more pristine condition, but since the economy is down I thought I'd offer it up as is for the buyer looking for a good deal on a very nice sword.

The 11 inch tsuka gracefully curves with the rest of the blade. The tsuka is wrapped in black silk ito and I can have it rewrapped easily if the buyer wishes. However, the ito is still rock solid and shows only light signs of use. This sword was used lightly but very well cared for.

The fittings on this sword are superb and worth quite a bit by themselves. The fuchi kashira are antique shakudo nanako (cod-row patterned) with highly detailed and highly raised gold dragons. The tsuba is antique, iron, with a wonderful russett patina. It is also a dragon. one interesting point is that the dragon carving is wider than the mimi ("rim" of the tsuba). The carving is *very* "3-dimensional" as a result and is really amazing to view in hand. Truly a wonderful tsuba that goes well with the fuchi kashira.

Even small details on this sword were considered. Notice the fine filemarks on the seppa. The seppa were made by Brian Tscernega who is an award winning habaki maker. Brian routinely wins top awards in the competitions in Japan. These seppa, simple as they look, are hand made and fitted to the blade and fittings themselves. They are copper with a thick layer of gold foiling. Just gorgeous. Even the "tone" of the gold matches the tone of the gold on the antique fittings.

The habaki was also made by Brian Tscernega. His "signature" piece is his so-called "key-fret" habaki. Years ago this habaki cost well over $1000 all by itself. By now Brian has won more contests. And heck, the cost of gold has gone up like a moon shot. I don't know what he'd charge for one of these today, but that habaki alone is extremely valuable. I wish I knew how he does these because the intricate details are amazing. It is a perfectly fit copper habaki with a thick gold foil placed on top. Even after years of use it still looks wonderful. It still fits perfectly in the saya which is really a testament to his shaping of the habaki. It was a dream making a saya to fit that sword.

I would continue to blather on about this wonderful piece, but really I think it speaks for itself. The quality and value of the fittings, habaki, mounting, polish, etc. are worth more than the asking price. This sword should be worth thousands more and I couldn't possibly do this sword again today at this price. The cost of the fittings, habaki, gold, seppa, L6 katana, etc. should put it into a vastly higher price range. But the economy is what it is so it is being offered at a discounted price. The owner has retired from his practice and now lives in an a part of the world where swords are not looked up on kindly. So it is for sale.

As I wrote above it would be relatively easy for me to touch the polish up to virtually new and to rewrap the tsuka in all new black silk ito for a relatively modest additional fee. Then it would be virtually like new. This is one way to get into a fully finished, gorgeous, top of the line sword without the normal wait of a couple years.


The original photos of this piece are available here if you want more details and the original "views" of this wonderful sword.
So click on it and see even more photos.


$9,950.00 USD. On Consignment


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